The Code of Maimonides


The Code of Maimonides:

“May the love for my art actuate me at all times; may neither avarice, nor miserliness, nor the thirst for glory or a great reputation engage my mind; for the enemies of Truth and Philanthropy could easily deceive me and make me forgetful of my lofty aim in doing good for my brothers and sisters.

May I never forget that the patient is a fellow creature in pain. May I never consider the patient merely a vessel of disease.

When wiser people teach me, let me be humble to learn; for the mind of man is limited, and the art of healing is vast. May I have the strength, time and opportunity always to verify and correct what I have learned and to increase my understanding. May I always be able to discover today the errors of yesterday, and to obtain a new light tomorrow on what I think I am sure of today.

I have been sanctioned to care for the life and health of mankind. I am about to fulfill my duties; I am ready for my vocation.”


About RootsSinkDeep

Words to keyboard, not quite the same as pen to paper, but for now in a season of flurry and tiny chaos, this will do. Though I long for the feel of graphite under hand I am grateful for fingers that work the same. May you join me as I seek to find joy in the ordinary?
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