Easter Dresses and a Tent by the River.


Quiet mornings with the steel guitar in the background. Easter Sunday.

My house is quiet, a little pup basking in the sunshine. I think she could sleep all day in the same spot.

Enjoyed a lovely Easter service on Saturday night with family all gussied up in our new        “Easter dresses” Some things don’t change from when your five. Well except this dress wasen’t made by my mother in 2-ton sewing machine that sounded like diesel engine. I also did not have a matching scrunchie last night

easter dress

Seasons are changing, it always prompts me to write. I should write more, but I also should eat more broccoli. Life is busy and sometimes broccoli is just gross.

We are attempting to buy our first home and its been quite the journey so far… and we don’ even have it yet.  Lessons so far.

1. You need a Realtor who you can understand. Literally. This is not the time to open your cultural horizons

2. Charlotte real estate is biggest Easter egg hunt I have ever played.

3. My husband is brilliant. He has impressed me so much with his tenacity and attention to detail. If this Easter egg hunt were left up to me, we would be in a tent by the river. Doesn’t that sound nice though…..


4.  Mortgages are emotional. Perhaps its because I am a little too sensitive, to well… everything.

No seriously, it will be that largest purchase either my fella or I have ever made. It also means that we are settling down. The gypsy in me can’t help but buck at this thought.

Thoughts cross, ” You aren’t old enough for this…” ” Fun is over, time to buckle down…”     “Now your only adventure will be on sat and sunday doing yard work…” ” Get ready to enjoy to painting your shutters…” ” You never wanted the American dream anyway…”

Those nasty thoughts are derived out of fear and pride.

The truth is, buying a home is saving us money.

We are so incredibly blessed to be moving closer to family.

We have a church home and a few great friends that have filled our lives.. and we will moving closer to them.

The Father has showed me how my fella is my perfect provision in this process, secondary to the above mentioned tent comment.

My Father has brought healing into my fella’s heart by seeing how supportive his family has been in this process.

A home is where you make memories, where traditions come to life and were adventures start. They just don’t look like the whitewater- reckless backpacking- canoe capsizing life I once lived.

I raise my coffee mug to you this morning to say Happy Easter and happy adventuring…. May the Lord bless you today in unexpected ways and give you the prize to your own Easter Egg Hunt! Cheers!



About RootsSinkDeep

Words to keyboard, not quite the same as pen to paper, but for now in a season of flurry and tiny chaos, this will do. Though I long for the feel of graphite under hand I am grateful for fingers that work the same. May you join me as I seek to find joy in the ordinary?
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2 Responses to Easter Dresses and a Tent by the River.

  1. Huffy says:

    Cheers!!!!’ So sweet. I am so proud of you little brandie. I just love you.

    Sarah Huff


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