Vines, Roots and the Vine Dresser..

Centered in Christ…. what does this mean?


Much fruit…

..Love… Joy..Peace.. Forbearance.. Kindness.. Gentleness and Self control.

Do I muster these ? Will these into being? Just try a little harder….

No these come by the Power of the Spirit…

How do we know the will of the Spirit… know the Spirit Maker

He says he is…

I am the true vine :: John 15:1-5
I am the way, the truth, and the life:: John 14:6

I am the door of the sheep:: John 10:7
I am the good shepherd:: John 10:11-14

I am the light of the world:: John 9:5, John 8:12
I am the bread of life:: John 6:35-48

Maybe we are to be reminded of the  I AM…

The vine dresser.. he is our vine dresser… “A person who prunes, trains, and cultivates vines.” 

I am being pruned, reminded of my filth, my vine branches that are loose, that are hanging on by tethers, that are not rooted deep… roots

 Lord, speak into the darkness, into the silence into the place of too many words…
To abide in you I must know you.
To follow you I must know you.
To be obedient I know know you.
To know you.. I must pray. I must read your word. I must yield to my sin nature.
To yield I must be equipped and empowered by YOU.
I need YOU for each of these these. To know YOU I need YOU.
Perhaps this is the heart of the gospel…
Perhaps the vinedresser is the planter, pruner, pressure-washer, picker, purchaser, Prince and path maker.
Where are you my sweet friends? Are you experiencing the WATERING needed for your roots to go deep, are you rusty edges getting cut off? Are you in a season of parched perseverance? Where is YOUR heart?

About RootsSinkDeep

Words to keyboard, not quite the same as pen to paper, but for now in a season of flurry and tiny chaos, this will do. Though I long for the feel of graphite under hand I am grateful for fingers that work the same. May you join me as I seek to find joy in the ordinary?
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